Ikea Redesigns Bookshelves

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Time for my semi-occasional rant on the industry, inspired by this article about the change in Ikea’s Billy bookshelves. (Which, if you must know, are all over my home office.) A quote:

Ikea will make changes to its low-cost, high-volume Billy bookshelf this fall. And to some, that means books are dying.

I get it. Bookstores are struggling. Books are going digital. Et cetera. But people are going out of control. Here is another article about it.
The Economist fears these new shelves will be used for “ornamentation.”
Time declares the change the demise of books.
I think you’re all going crazy.

People will find anything these days to “foreshadow the demise of books,” as if everything the world does is against the book industry. So Ikea is changing the size of their bookshelves. My only gripe is that, when the time comes for me to buy a new one, it won’t match the other two. Guess I’ll just put it on a different wall.

Newsflash: It’s still going to be a shelf. It may not be as deep, or as high, but I’m guessing you can still put books on it. Sure, it’s getting harder to find something that’s actually categorized as a “bookshelf.” Or at least one that’s reasonably priced, like Ikea’s. But honestly, if it stands in my room and has a flat surface it’s going to become a bookshelf. This isn’t something worth freaking out over.

Also: Obviously, our featured photo is of my own shelves. I take pride in them.


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4 years ago ยท Reply

Better buy up the Billys now!!

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