Twilight Producers Get Sue Happy

‘Twilight’ Bites Bath Business.

I don’t even know why I’m warranting this with a response. Basically, the producers of Twilight (the movie) are threatening legal action over Bath & Body Works’s “Twilight Woods” line since, you know, Stephenie Meyer was the first to use the word and all (sarcasm).

This is exactly what happens when something gets too big for its own good. I think it was Macintosh that did the same thing fairly recently—suing someone who had been around longer than they were for using an apple as a logo. Heck, why hasn’t Apple cornered the Twilight people yet?

It’s just infuriating because it’s not like Twilight needs the money. They’re acting like children, thinking they have sole rights to use a word that has been used in upteen different things. Why don’t they sue Nintendo, too, while they’re at it, for releasing a game titled Twilight Princess? (Great game, by the way.) I take that back. I don’t want to give them any ideas. (Although it would be really funny to watch.)

Besides, who really cares?

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