Angela. I make books and write things and read a lot.
My original copy of Stan & Jan Berenstain's Old Hat New Hat is framed on my desk, a memory of the first book I read on my own, so many times over the course of my young life (so many times... forgive me, parents). Not much has changed, except now the books I read are a little longer, and as a grown-up I've found myself a nice little career in the world of book publishing.

I've worked on both frontlist and backlist production across a variety of companies and imprints. My format expertise includes novels, picture books, pop-ups, and miscellaneous kids' books with mirrors, fur, and other fun, marvel-worthy elements.

In junction with design and manufacturing, my production work has been recognized at the Book Industry Guild's annual Book Show:

I am perpetually "working on a novel," or working on rewriting the same novel for the third time.

I've contributed to Susquehanna U's Rivercraft, Sigma Alpha Iota's Pan Pipes, and the now-defunct Heart of Glass magazine.

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