US vs. UK Covers

For the past few years, the guys over at The Millions have done a nifty little comparison of US vs. UK book covers. It’s really no secret that I think the UK does everything better, but in the case of book covers this year… I was surprised.

Of those covers featured in the article, my favorites are:

Which, ironically enough, are all the US edition.

Ordinarily, I’m drawn to the UK covers more because they tend to be more artistic. The same article from 2009 shows this more clearly. I much prefer the UK covers for 2666, Netherland, and Unaccustomed Earth. Not only are they more unique, I feel that a lot of UK covers actually relate to the books. Almost like the designer knows what he’s talking about. US covers tend to have a “formula” of designs they always use, depending on genre.

But I don’t know anymore. Seems the US is catching up in the “good covers” department, judging by the content of this article. It’s about time, if you ask me.

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