Book vs. Movie: Warm Bodies

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Zombies usually aren’t my thing. Believe it or not, I’m not into the whole undead, brain-eating thing. But a friend recommended I read Warm Bodies, and I liked it. And when I learned a movie was coming out, I obviously had to see it.

If you’re here because you want me to complain about the movie, as I usually do with film adaptations, you’ll be highly disappointed. It stayed pretty true to the book. There were a few things cut out, but I didn’t mind that so much (the whole zombie marriage thing, and I distinctly remember a scene in the book that included a lot of drinking). But when you take out all those details, the movie is exactly what the book is at its core—a love story.

If you’ve read my book review, you’ll know I didn’t completely buy the love story. It didn’t have much basis. But somehow, it worked better in the film. R’s love for Julie wasn’t just because he ate her boyfriend’s brain—it developed on its own, and we knew it.

Even if zombies aren’t your thing, go read it. And see it. I promise it’s not gross brain-eating all the time. R may be undead, but he’s adorable.


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