International Left-Handers Day

I’m probably a poor excuse for a southpaw because I always forget about International Left-Handers Day every August. But this year I put it on my calendar. It’s an international holiday, after all.

It’s a scientific fact* that lefties are more brilliant than their right-handed counterparts. And who can argue when we have Douglas Adams, Bill Bryson, Lewis Carroll, Franz Kafka, Mark Twain, and H.G. Wells on our side? (We also have the Boston Strangler and Jack the Ripper, for what it’s worth.)

*May not be based on actual scientific fact

I also stumbled upon this exhaustive list of fictional lefties, most of whom I haven’t heard of but we do have Dirk Burton (of the Left Behind series) and John Turner (a murderer from Sherlock Holmes). There may also be several left-handed guys in The Princess Bride, but they can’t make up their minds which hand they prefer to dual with. And in the manga sphere, I have a special love for Matt (Death Note); his leftyness only adds to his allure.

Speaking of manga, part of the reason I enjoy reading it on paper rather than online is the actual reading process. They’re designed back-to-front, after the Japanese language, so it feels more natural to me. As much of a bookworm as I am, it’s annoying to have to reach over your book to turn a page. (Being a left-handed reader is suffering.)

The official site for Lefties Day has all sorts of fun things to poke through. And while you’re browsing, send a text to your favorite lefty wishing them a happy one!

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