Yet Another “Best of” List

NPR has compiled a list of the 100 best ever teen novels, as voted on by its dedicated readers.

I always have issues with “best of” lists, because they’re so obviously biased toward newer material. I’m pleasantly surprised with the number of classics on here, but I question a few of its entries:

2. The Hunger Games. This is a great series, certainly, and deserves a spot on the list. But is it really worthy of the #2 spot? (It barely beats To Kill a Mockingbird.)
7. The Lord of the Rings. Is this even YA? I’m skeptical.
8. Fahrenheit 451. Definitely not YA (I promise I won’t nitpick all of these; there are several that I question if they actually fit into this category).
16. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Number sixteen? I don’t know where you were in the 90s, but this was the book to read. It deserve to be higher. Where is your taste in literature?
19. Divergent. It was good, but not that good.
27. Twilight. … Sigh.
67. Fallen series. I haven’t read this series yet, so let me know if I should. It seemed to me like another Twilight-wannabe but maybe it’s worthy of my time?

And don’t even bother reading the comments. People complain that this or that didn’t appear on the list, and I just want to kick all their little anonymous faces. Chronicles of Narnia may be a classic, but it’s children’s. And someone else is whining that there are no graphic novels. Honestly, people; stop being picky.

But the list isn’t so bad. There are many titles I’ve been meaning to check out, both new and old. Yes, I realize I’m a disgrace for not having read John Green [yet], and I’m not sure how I survived my childhood without devouring The Last Unicorn. Perhaps it’s time to poke through and update my amazon wishlist (hint hint).

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