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I kind of promised I would write up a “BEA swag” post, and I suppose two weeks after the event isn’t entirely unreasonable. Right?

To be honest, I’m really bad with gathering freebies. Unless someone physically shoves an ARC in my hands, I probably won’t take it. Which is silly, I know. Despite that, I wound up with a decent pile of goodies.

Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit Venice; Lisa Manzione & Kristine Lucco
The Bella & Harry picture books are super cute. They’re a pair of chihuahuas who travel the world, learning about different cultures and checking out the popular sights. When I was at their booth and they offered I take one of the books, I had to have Venice. I do plan on buying the series for my niece. It’s both fun and educational!

Tigers in Red Weather; Liza Klaussmann
This book went through a serious bidding war before Doubleday acquired it, and it seems it was well worth the effort. Set in post-WWII, two women are starting their “real lives”–one getting married and the other reuniting with her military husband–but there are cracks in the surface of both their lives that are threatening to break. And then there’s drama and a murder at their summer home in Martha’s Vineyard. Need I continue?

Momentum; Saci Lloyd
Futuristic dystopia. It’s my weakness. There are the Citizens–the residents of London proper–and the Outsiders, everyone else who doesn’t matter. But when Hunter, a Citizen, meets Uma, an Outsider, he is drawn to her world outside London. Now they have secrets to protect and a world to save, all while keeping out of the eye of the government.

The Art of Procrastination; John Perry
subtitle: A guide to effective dawdling, lollygagging and postponing.
The guidebook for anyone who went to college. I’m disappointed that I did not receive the free tote bag, which stated something to the effect of, “Don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” It’s all fun and ridiculous, sure, but the book actually tells us how procrastination can be effective. I’ll get around to reading it. Someday.

The rest of my freebies included a bunch of bookmarks, stickers, and some temporary tattoos. One of these days, I will show up to the office wearing a tattoo of a fairy riding a unicorn. It’s totally work-related.


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3 years ago ยท Reply


“Tigers in Red Weather” totally would have hooked me too. Basically anything with a setting of Martha’s Vineyard does that.

Temporary tattoos as the new book promotion goodie- Discuss. :)

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