Review: Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone; J.K. Rowling

So now that I’ve finished this book, I’m supposed to write a brilliant, witty review that will make you want to go out and read it.

Yeah right.

This is actually my second time reading it, because I borrowed it the last time and neglected to write a review (if it doesn’t sit on my shelves, I forget about it). To be honest, I don’t remember much from the first go-around. I read it for the sake of reading it, because I had to see what the hype was, and I kind of rushed it.

This time, though, I really enjoyed it.

I think part of my admiration is that I have the UK edition, which is charming. Harry and friends should be eating sweets rather than candy, having afternoon tea, and using the word “shan’t.” It’s the natural order of things. Americanization is silly.

Rowling has created a world that you want to believe in, where it’s natural to fly off on your broomstick and prank your friends using magic. These kids are being kids, not only having fun but also figuring out who they are. And Harry, most of all, who didn’t even know he was a natural-born wizard.

They think they’ve figured out everything, and they’re determined to reveal the truth and save the philosopher’s stone. But they learn things they never expected, not only about this truth but so much more beneath it all.

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