Authors Who Hate eBooks

Right, like I was supposed to resist an article titled, “Jonathan Franzen Hates EBooks.”

I love Franzen, and I’m not partial to eBooks. So it was obvious I was going to click on the link. But Franzen isn’t the only one. Let’s discuss some authors who dislike the concept of the electronic book:

The difference between Shakespeare on a BlackBerry and Shakespeare in the Arden Edition is like the difference between vows taken in a shoe store and vows taken in a cathedral. -Jonathan Franzen

It seems to me that anyone whose library consists of a Kindle lying on a table is some sort of bloodless nerd. -Penelope Lively

And no one says things better than Ray Bradbury:
Those aren’t books.

But what I find really interesting is in the comments. Everyone’s putting down the authors’ opinions, saying it’s “regressive” and “snobbish” to hate on e-readers which, if you ask me, is a form of snobbery itself. Yes, I prefer the printed word. Does that mean I shun progression? (Says the one writing on a blog, who owns an iPhone, who pays all her bills online.) That’s for you to judge.

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