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Dictionary Additions

The Oxford English Dictionary is always adding new words to its masses, but the most recent word-dump has some people questioning the overall… intelligence of our society. While “twerk” has been around since the 1990s, it has finally found a … Continue reading

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English to a Native Speaker

There’s a sense of wonder when listening to a foreign language. You wonder how someone can learn all those words, how they can string them together to form actual thoughts. Yes, we do the same thing in English, but we … Continue reading

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Orhan Pamuk’s Novel Museum

I mean literally: It’s a museum based on a novel. When you begin your tour, it’s like beginning the novel. And the museum is laid out like the story itself, chronologically, displaying items mentioned in the novel—an earring, a collection … Continue reading

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I won’t deny that there’s a special sort of sub-genre of literature dubbed “chick lit,” which a certain species of women enjoy. But when a supposedly serious work is dubbed “chick nonfiction,” I get a little angry. And so, apparently, … Continue reading

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Illegal Literature

In communist Vietnam, children are rebelling against the government—they’re acquiring banned books at any cost. My initial reaction: That’s what I’m talking about. Consider the differences between having to get your hands on books illegally versus how spoiled everyone else … Continue reading

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Modern Grammar

I was skimming an article that discusses the negative impact poor spelling has on online business. In short, the industry is losing money because people won’t buy from websites that have spelling/grammar errors. That’s what I gathered, at least; admittedly … Continue reading

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The Rejected 9/11 Children’s Book

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has written a children’s book focused on 9/11. After several failed attempts to get it published, she’s self-publishing it as an e-book. (Article is here.) Apparently it’s in poor taste to fictionalize 9/11. I have … Continue reading

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YA Lit & the Tough Stuff

I apparently missed a big debate online regarding teen literature, and whether it’s “too dark.” The Wall Street Journal posted something that claimed this fact, and YA guru Maureen Johnson immediately jumped in on twitter to defend it. (She wrote … Continue reading

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The E-Revolution, Revisited

It’s been a while since we’ve chatted about e-readers. And you may be surprised at my change of opinion. (No, I don’t own one. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) I spend a lot of time on public transportation. So … Continue reading

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Blah Blah Blah Stores Closing

Every so often, I’ll skim the book news to see what’s going on (I guess I should keep up with these things). For some unknown reason—because it hasn’t bothered me before, not to this degree—seeing the number of bookstores planning … Continue reading

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