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Banned Books Week 2013

It seems it’s now a tradition for me to do a Banned Books Week video. This year, I share with you an excerpt from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, which caused a certain teacher in South Carolina to be suspended … Continue reading

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BBW Virtual Read-Out 2012

It’s not a proper Banned Books Week without a video of me reading. I should really do these more often; they’re fun. (Until your phone rings in the middle and you have to re-record a perfectly good video.)

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Banned Books Week 2012

Hey, guys! It’s time for Banned Books Week again! Rather than tell you all about the fun of BBW (which I did last year, and which you can do yourself at their website), I’m going to pick apart the list … Continue reading

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Illegal Literature

In communist Vietnam, children are rebelling against the government—they’re acquiring banned books at any cost. My initial reaction: That’s what I’m talking about. Consider the differences between having to get your hands on books illegally versus how spoiled everyone else … Continue reading

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Authors Stand Up for Free Speech

This is a fantastic video I stumbled upon. Who better than to vent about censorship than the authors themselves? It’s incredible, really, that there are always loonies around the world who want to ban or repress something they don’t believe … Continue reading

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BBW Video Post

Oh, the things I do for literature. I made a little video of myself reading from Slaughterhouse-Five for banned books week. Admittedly, it was quite fun. Perhaps I’ll do video posts more often? (Personally, I enjoy the part where I … Continue reading

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Frequently Challenged Books

Continuing with our celebration of banned books week, I’ve been checking out lists of titles that have been banned or challenged. I stumbled upon the list of 100 most frequently challenged books of the ’90′s, which I obviously had to … Continue reading

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Banned Books Week

Saturday the 24th marked the start of Banned Books Week, and (for a change) I actually remembered this time. There’s a website and all sorts of fun things going on. My favorite is the virtual read-out, where people (authors included) … Continue reading

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Censorship Rant, part 2

Bitch Magazine posted a list of recommendations titled 100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader. There’s some good stuff on that list. (not that I’ve read them all, but still). But if you sift through the comments, some people … Continue reading

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Censorship Rant, part 1

I label this “part 1,” because I’m sure there will be other rants in the future. The uproar as of late? Censoring Mark Twain. New editions of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer will replace the N-word with “slave.” Censorship aside, … Continue reading

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