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My John Green Complex

As you may know, I have a slightly neurotic way of deciding what book to read next—they’re arranged on my “to read” shelf chronologically from date acquired, and read in the same order. But recently, I did the unthinkable. I … Continue reading

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Something About Jonathan

I stumbled upon a yard sale this weekend that had boxes and boxes of books. Books are the only reason I go to yard sales, so you can imagine my delight. When I saw a novel by Jonathan Lethem—You Don’t … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on John Irving

As we know, I recently completed Irving’s newest novel, In One Person. I had acquired it for a book club at work, which I had never previously participated, but this title seemed to be a good place to start. Because … Continue reading

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Rowling Beyond Harry

J.K. Rowling announced a couple months ago that she would start writing again—this time, in the adult genre. Today, we get a title and a release date. The Casual Vacancy will be available worldwide (!) on September 27. That’s not … Continue reading

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Authors Who Hate eBooks

Right, like I was supposed to resist an article titled, “Jonathan Franzen Hates EBooks.” I love Franzen, and I’m not partial to eBooks. So it was obvious I was going to click on the link. But Franzen isn’t the only … Continue reading

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Authors Stand Up for Free Speech

This is a fantastic video I stumbled upon. Who better than to vent about censorship than the authors themselves? It’s incredible, really, that there are always loonies around the world who want to ban or repress something they don’t believe … Continue reading

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Symbolism in Literature

At some point in our educational lives, we’ve all been asked to “find the meaning” behind a piece of literature. What does it all mean? What’s the symbolism? Blah, blah, blah. The good majority of the time, authors don’t even … Continue reading

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Film discussion: Sylvia

In a completely random find on Netflix, I stumbled upon the film Sylvia, based upon the relationship between Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. How could I resist renting this? I was actually a little wary about it. It seemed like … Continue reading

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Best of the Best, or So We Hope

While browsing my bookish twitter feed, I stumbled upon something a little unsettling stated by author Karin Slaughter. She says that Fallen, her newest novel, is her best, and claims that when an author feels their latest isn’t their best … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Authors

I’m picky about my favorite authors. I find it pointless to have a vast list of favorites, because it lessens the impact. At the moment, I have the following pegged as my “favorites:” John Irving Kurt Vonnegut Wally Lamb Jonathan … Continue reading

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