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International Dyslexia Association

I’m jumping on a goodreads thing right now, but it’s for a good cause so there’s no reason not to. This month goodreads is supporting The International Dyslexia Association. According to their website… The IDA promotes literacy through the study … Continue reading

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Reading Challenge: The Halfway Point

I’ll admit—I’m obsessed with checking the status of my goodreads reading challenge. It says I’m five books behind, but I know I’ll catch up (I’ve been reading some fairly hefty things lately). But it makes me wonder if the reading … Continue reading

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Giveaways & Downloads

I haven’t gushed over goodreads lately, so they’re about to get some free advertising from me. I always forget that they have a giveaways page. (You obviously have to be a member to participate.) Publishers and authors go on there … Continue reading

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2011 Reading Challenge

Goodreads is hosting a reading challenge for 2011, in which people declare how many books they plan to read throughout the year (and actually keep up with it, we would hope). I originally thought to read 100, but since my … Continue reading

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Goodreads Books of 2010

I just now discovered that the Goodreads choice awards exist. I’m intruged by this. I actually wanted to vote. There’s just one minor issue… I haven’t read any of them. That’s kind of a lie. Lisa McMann’s Gone is nominated … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Collection

For the most part, I read a book once and shelve it. I keep on telling myself that I’ll re-read things once I get through my “to-read” pile, but that’s a lie. My “to-read” pile is never-ending, due to the … Continue reading

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