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Adults Should Read Adult Books

That is, according to Joel Stein. I’m not going to bother rehashing the article, because it’s ridiculous. Instead, I’m going to compile some lists! YA books that are better than most adult fiction (“Better” meaning well-written with an engaging plot.) … Continue reading

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“Fifty Shades of Grey” Explosion

Not long ago, someone at work brought up the novel Fifty Shades of Grey in casual conversation. And I, like any normal bookaholic, filed the title in my brain. But I immediately tossed that mental index card when said person … Continue reading

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The Only Time You’ll See “Dragon Tattoo” Here

Recently, I don’t know why people continue to ask me about it. Maybe because there’s an upcoming movie (people don’t care about books until there’s a movie about it coming out, right?). Or maybe because it’s been on the New … Continue reading

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Apple and B&N? I Think Not.

I don’t often discuss rumors, because they’re—well—rumors, but this one was too good to pass up. Apparently there’s word from a “reliable source” (whatever that means) that Apple is considering buying Barnes & Noble. What a bunch of rubbish. Another … Continue reading

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The Rejected 9/11 Children’s Book

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has written a children’s book focused on 9/11. After several failed attempts to get it published, she’s self-publishing it as an e-book. (Article is here.) Apparently it’s in poor taste to fictionalize 9/11. I have … Continue reading

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YA Lit & the Tough Stuff

I apparently missed a big debate online regarding teen literature, and whether it’s “too dark.” The Wall Street Journal posted something that claimed this fact, and YA guru Maureen Johnson immediately jumped in on twitter to defend it. (She wrote … Continue reading

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Just a Pretty Cover

I stumbled upon an article that asks an intriguing question: Will home libraries survive in the digital age? In short, they say yes—because books have become an aesthetic. In the words of actress Davinia Taylor, who proudly displays books in … Continue reading

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Reading Challenge: The Halfway Point

I’ll admit—I’m obsessed with checking the status of my goodreads reading challenge. It says I’m five books behind, but I know I’ll catch up (I’ve been reading some fairly hefty things lately). But it makes me wonder if the reading … Continue reading

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Twilight Producers Get Sue Happy

‘Twilight’ Bites Bath Business. I don’t even know why I’m warranting this with a response. Basically, the producers of Twilight (the movie) are threatening legal action over Bath & Body Works’s “Twilight Woods” line since, you know, Stephenie Meyer was … Continue reading

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James Frey Writes the Bible… Sort of

I suppose since we haven’t heard anything from James Frey recently, he decided to go ahead and write another novel that’ll cause an uproar—this time it’s “The Final Testament of the Holy Bible.” Apparently the Old and New testaments aren’t … Continue reading

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