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Who Actually Buys Books Anymore?

Plot twist: I’m really bad at supporting the book industry. When you buy used, the only one who benefits (besides yourself, who just acquired an awesome book cheap) is the bookstore. The publisher and the author don’t get anything for … Continue reading

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Banned Books Week 2013

It seems it’s now a tradition for me to do a Banned Books Week video. This year, I share with you an excerpt from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, which caused a certain teacher in South Carolina to be suspended … Continue reading

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Book v. Movie: Dune

I felt something of a sci-fi reject not having read/watched Dune. With all great classics, it was intimidating. What if I didn’t understand it? Or what if I didn’t like it? As expected, I was quite fond of the book. … Continue reading

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Bookstores: The Drama Book Shop

Foursquare is great. I put in my location and my desired destination, and it gives me options. And that’s how I stumbled upon the existence of The Drama Book Shop. I honestly expected a little hole-in-the-wall place upon visiting, and … Continue reading

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Dictionary Additions

The Oxford English Dictionary is always adding new words to its masses, but the most recent word-dump has some people questioning the overall… intelligence of our society. While “twerk” has been around since the 1990s, it has finally found a … Continue reading

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Book v. Movie: City of Bones

It’s been over two years since I’ve started fawning over this movie. As fans of The Mortal Instruments, we never thought movie release day would arrive. August 2013 was so far. But you know I was in that theater on … Continue reading

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Summer Essentials

When I was in school, I anticipated the “summer reading list.” Mostly to see what books I had already devoured, but also to scope out new ones. I don’t have a proper summer reading list anymore, since I don’t have … Continue reading

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Book v. Movie: Atlas Shrugged (part 2)

I’m faced with a dilemma here in reviewing part two of this film. (My part one reaction is here which, you may recall, wasn’t great.) On one hand, I’m still jarred by the fact they’re watching television and using touch-screen … Continue reading

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Traveler Food and Books

If you’ve ever traveled I-84 crossing in Massachusetts, you may have noticed this sign off the highway. Admittedly, I did not notice this sign until my cousin pointed it out to me, and for close to a year I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Opus

Write my music? When do I get time to write my music? —Mr. Holland If you’ve never watched Mr. Holland’s Opus (it’s practically required watching for former band geeks like myself), Mr. Holland is a composer. Or, rather, a composer … Continue reading

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